Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Started

First Post! :)

I'm not much into being a "blogger". What I am into is creating maps for a game called "Legends". Legends is a game very similar in style to "Tribes"that is available for Linux and Windows.

The purpose of doing this is to have an area on the Internet that I can point those interested in following what I am doing with the BTMappack towards. I will post pictures and assorted info regarding my efforts and adventures as an aspiring mapper here. Visitors are welcome to comment but please stay on topic. Off topic comments and rude remarks will get deleted but polite and informative comments are always welcome.

Well thats it for now. Heres a pic from a map of mine called AzraelBT. This map is included in the current release of the BTMappack for Legends, version 1.05-3b1

BTMappack-1.05-3b1 is available for download here.

To be continued......

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